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Interested in Taking Online German Classes?

  • Over 7000 hours / 1000 students of experience

  • More than 200 successful exam preparations

  • German classes in English and Spanish

  • Goethe Certificate for online German Tutoring

Your expert for Online German Courses and Translations!

We are an online German school for beginners and advanced students (A1-C2 LEVEL) who want to learn the language in a fun and easy way.

Interested in...



Document Translations?

Marketing Language?

Video&Audio Courses?

Legal Language?

Interesting Exercises?

We offer...

Official Course Books for German Courses!

Videos & Audio files (Youtube, Vimeo...)

Authentic texts (news pages, literature...)

Original exam material (Telc, Goethe ...)

Goethe Certificate

Verbling Certificate

Lingoda Certificate

Experience in Marketing


B2B (business to business marketing) selling experience:

  • Experience as a Key Account Manager with integrated marketing communication strategies and supervision on processes, e.g. for cooperation across all media channels.

  • Overall responsibility for sales and revenue achievement

E-Commerce and online experience:

  • Active participation (conceptual design and monitoring) in launching successful web appearances, e.g. for financial institutes like „Hamburger Sparkasse“ ( „Berliner Bank/ Deutsche Bank“ ( and „Landesbank Baden-Württemberg“ (

  • Autonomously responsible for content management (, and more)

Experience abroad:

  • International communication and process coordinator of promotion projects with United Kingdom, France and United States of America

Experience as German Teacher

Teaching and translation experience:

  • Certified (Goethe Institut), full-time professional Online German Teacher with over 6 years of experience.

  • Over 7000 given classes for over 1000 students from all over the world, of any ages and any language levels (A1-C2).

  • Helped more than 100 students pass their language certification exams like Telc, Goethe or TestDaF as well as migration language tests in Germany, Switzerland and Austria.

  • Creation of video courses with various chapters for beginner and intermediate language levels (presentations, video recording, text editing, transcription, creation of vocabulary lists and quizzes).

  • Translation of documents (CVs, emails and personal documents).

  • Translation of technical manuals (manuals with more than 2000 words, graphics, quick guides...).

The philosophy
Learning German shall be fun!
  • Don't be afraid to make mistakes. Mistakes are part of the learning process and of discovering the language.
We want to be flexible and not stiff!
  • Let's not follow a fixed stiff programm. Everybody learns differently and we need to take this into account!

Teacher and student should not be just sender/ receiver.
  • A teacher is not the person who has the answer to every single question and possesses the only thruth. A teacher should work as a guide and help the students on their path.
Do yourself a favour​.
  • Pick the correct time for yourself to learn. Create a suitable learning environment for yourself, without distractions and if you want to learn German: Do it consciously.

Take your time!
  • You decide how fast we move on. We will practice as long as you want in order to make sure that you don't loose track!
The path
Course books are a nice add-on but there is so much more!
  • We want to be flexible and use the internet with all its opportunities.
Exam material
  • All the official exam institutes like Telc, Goethe Institut and others offer authentic original exam material for practicing. We should take advantage of that!
Speak, speak, speak!
  • Of course, we need to talk about theory as well. But we want to use the language and focus on speaking. Everybody makes mistakes, especially students. That's the way to learn and get better.
Reading, watching and writing are great homework!
  • You mostly pay for the time we have online. That means that this time is precious and we should try to use this time as much as possible for actively using the language.

Get your individual learning plan!
  • We decide together how many classes per week will make sense and what kind of material we will use.
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